Flexible Business ModelsEngine

  • Simplicity

    • Help ease burden of selection process

    • Simplify final invoicing process

    • The “All-Inclusive Pricing” can streamline the Non-Routine process and reduce the burden for extensive on-site customer representation. Representative may be needed to cover on-site duties and to monitor Non-Routine items that may exceed a negotiated man-hour cap.

  • Budget

    • Our Customer will have a defined budget for each Maintenance Visit. i.e. ( “C” check, “D” check, Drop In Visit)

    • Our confidence level in the experience of our maintenance department allows us to offer this “All-Inclusive Pricing” structure. By using this technique, North State absorbs a high percentage of the non-routine risk.

  • “All-Inclusive Pricing”

    • One fixed price for defined work scope

  • Location

    • Smith Reynolds Airport (INT), Winston-Salem, NC

    • Close proximity to three (3) major airports- CLT, RDU and GSO.

    • Reduction of delivery times for logistics as needed

    • Interstate highways direct to/from our facility
      Smith Reynolds Airport
  • Airport Accessibility

    • Adequate runways and taxiways

    • Secure facility on airport property

    • Easy airport / ramp access

  • Logistics

    • Positioning of Aircraft and Personnel

      • Centrally located on the East Coast providing US major airlines ready access to our on-airport Facility

      • Ferry time from CLT 30 min., RDU 30 min., EWR 90 min., IAH 120 min., ATL 60 min.

    • Transportation

      • North State Aviation will supply a truck to run between INT-CLT or GSO or RDU as needed for equipment/material movement
    • Experience

      • All mechanics are licensed or certificated and are qualified on Boeing 727,
        737 -200 through 900 series, 757 -200 and -300 series with limited capability on 767 aircraft models.

      • Average mechanic experience is 23+ years

      • Our philosophy is to maintain an efficient and quality driven environment that ensures a safe and reliable product

  • Warranty

    • 90 days from aircraft departure for workmanship and materials

    • Corrective action at North State Aviation discretion and with concurrence from the Customer

  • Invoicing process available as elected:

    • Three invoices per visit

      • 1st Invoice – 50% of Fixed Bid (Due at aircraft induction)

      • 2nd Invoice – 50% of Fixed Bid (Due at aircraft departure)

      • 3rd Invoice – Remainder items (Invoice sent within 30 days from aircraft departure) This invoice will contain any NR’s that exceeded the man-hour cap, additional outside services and materials provided.

    • Progress Payments are Negotiable




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